Master’s Program Minor

Modern Economic History

(most courses taught in the Czech language)

A graduate with a minor in “Modern Economic History” will acquire specific knowledge and skills in the field of economic history, which can usefully complement the major. After successful completion of the minor, a graduate may work in public administration, public institutions, diplomacy, media, education and research. The minor’s goal is for students to learn to independently and critically explore the past and provide them with comprehensive knowledge of economic, social, political and cultural development of society in relation to the present, thus to offer them a broad educational structure. Students will be guided to a more general understanding of the development of social sciences and economic processes and during the practical part they will learn to work with historical sources, they will adopt a critical approach to literature, papers and information on the internet. Students will develop creative thinking and writing scientific text, which can be used to create the thesis.

Number of enrolled students is not limited. The recommended length of study: 2 semesters.

Compulsory courses: 17 ECTS credits

Elective courses: 13 ECTS credits

The state exam consists of compulsory courses, and it provides 3 ECTS credits. Students of the minor will have to be enrolled in 5HP500 Diploma Thesis Seminar. Theses from students from other faculties will be processed individually.

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