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5HD382 Chapters in Economic History:„Principles and Practice in Classical world’s economy”, mimosemestrální kurz na KHD v AJ

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4.5.2015 11.5.2015

Katedra hospodářských dějin NF pořádá mimosemestrální kurz v angličtině 5HD382 Chapters in Economic History na téma „Principles and Practice in Classical world’s economy”, který odpřednáší  dr. Athanasios Sideris (Foundation of the Hellenic World, Řecko). Kurz se koná od 4. 5. 2015 do 15. 5. 2015.

5HD382 Chapters in Economic History: „Principles and Practice in Classical world’s  economy”. The course  will be taught in English and it will take place from May 4th, 2015 to May 15th, 2015. The instructor will be dr. Athanasios Sideris (Foundation of the Hellenic World, Greece).

Průběh výuky (Lectures schedule):

4. 5. – 15. 5. 2015  9:15-10:45; 11. 5. 2015 16:15-19:30, room NB350 (Faculty of Economics)

Course contents


  • An Introduction to the ancient World: Geography, Ecology & Demography
  • Household – Oikos and Property
  • City, legislation, and the economic institutions
  • The invention of coinage and the monetization of ancient economy
  • Agriculture and land ownership
  • Trade and the “great debate”
  • Banking in Athens
  • Prices, wages, revenues and liturgies
  • Slavery
  • Tendencies in the Economic History of Classical World


  • Literary and archaeological sources for the economy – Weights and measures
  • The issues of gender and knowledge in the property management
  • The economic space: private, public and sacred
  • Federal mints and international currency
  • The olive cultivation and the fishing
  • Price fluctuations and luxury items
  • Maritime loans
  • Restrictions at wealth display – Religious investment
  • Industrial production and mining
  • Growth, stagnation and standards of living

For more information see syllabus on ISIS.