13.2.2017 - 12.5.2017 - Výuka v letním semestru 2016/2017

Pokročilé hledání

5HD375 History of Latin America after 1945, course in English

18.4.2017 21.4.2017

Katedra hospodářských dějin NF pořádá mimosemestrální kurz v angličtině pod názvem 5HD375 History of Latin America after 1945, který povede dr. Pavel Szobi (European University Institute, Itálie). Kurz se koná od 18. dubna do 21.dubna 2017.

5HD375 History of Latin America after 1945. The course  will be taught in English. The instructor will be dr. Pavel Szobi (European University Institute, Florence, Italy).

Průběh výuky (Lectures schedule)

18.4. 2017 14:30-17:45, room RB546;

19.4. 2017 14:30-19:30, room NB350;

20.4. 2017 14:30-17:45, room NB350;

21.4. 2017 14:30-19:30, room SB211

Course contents

  • Latin America during the Second World War.
  • Mexico and the „Mexican Miracle“: the institutional revolutionary party era.
  • Argentina after the Second World War: rise of peronism.
  • Chile during the years 1952-1973.
  • Cuba after 1945 and the USSR policy in Latin America.
  • Caribean states development and the USA influence in the region.
  • Argentina and Chile during the rule of junta and restoration of democracy.
  • Brazil between „The New State“ and the president Cardoso era.
  • Venezuela and Colombia in the second half of the 20th century.
  • Paraguay during the Stroessner dictatorship.
  • The significance of imigration for the economic development in Latin America.
  • The integration process in Latin America.
  • Latin America at the turn of the millennium.


See syllabus on InSIS.